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In the field of vanadium steel application

    China vanadium in the steel the application of the scale is not large. Total consumption, to see from vanadium metal plan year of consumption, less than 300 tons, accounted for only about 10% of the total consumption, is a need to develop potential market. Basic situation as follows.

    1) vanadium catalysts: some chemical enterprise to produce various kinds of vanadium catalysts, such as partial vanadium acid sodium, partial vanadium acid, ammonium vanadium acid sodium chloride, ammonium three vanadium, etc, the consumption of V2O5 in 400 tons/year.

    2) containing vanadium non-ferrous alloy and vanadium metal: vanadium, titanium alloy used in the production of such as air alloy materials (Ti6Al4V ingot, rod and plate) series products, the consumption of each year in 50 tons of vanadium.

    3) the oxidation and reduction of vanadium battery development: in recent years, some domestic unit of vanadium battery development made some laboratory research work, but from industrialized application and great distance.

    4) vanadium pigment: developed vanadium acid bismuth yellow pigment, vanadium molybdenum acid bismuth yellow pigment, at present at the experimental application stage, this paint is pure tonal, high hiding power and weather-resistance heat-resistant, used to make no toxicity yellow car lacquer or as outdoor building coating, the application prospect is bigger.

    5) the development of vanadium oxide: high purity vanadium pentoxide domestic demand in each year estimated around 100 tons. Used for energy conservation, environmental protection and military purpose of four oxidation film in the laboratory has two vanadium pointing out the samples, still to the further development of the application.

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