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Vanadium market prospects and the suggestion

Because of the following several reasons, will decide the future of the market has a good vanadium development.


One is the other material especially plastic, aluminum-plastic composite materials, ceramic materials to the iron and steel material function irreplaceable role, will make the steel industry have to consider, steel development trend GaoJiangHua, lightweight, so as the important micro alloying elements vanadium will have the chance to be further development, especially in China steel used, pipeline steel, containing vanadium heavy rail steel, structural steel and the car use adjusting quality steel, and more potential.

2 it is iron and steel material is still the dominant structure material, in developing countries, steel products production is still in rising.

Three is to strengthen the role of vanadium steel in the study also unceasingly thoroughly, for example, according to UK MB study reports, the development of the Bill Stasko containing vanadium and cobalt new tool steel CPM Rex, the performance of 121 special, realize the highest abrasion resistance and the combination of red rigid, than other high speed steel have better resistance of red-hot. CPM Rex has a 121 application prospect.

Four is in the field of vanadium steel, especially the application of vanadium batteries, vanadium alloy vanadium oxide films etc, has caused the wide attention, it has a vast market potential, according to the British Roskill company, estimates that the next decade can offer 10000 tons of V2O5 / year market space. In the long run, the development of vanadium still faces a good opportunity.

To sum up:

1 vanadium, as an important metal, special steel, low alloy, the application of micro alloy steel, with obvious technical and economic advantages. Vanadium except in steel industry has been widely used in the other functional materials, also has a broad prospect of application.

China vanadium production enterprise depends on his own strength, from China, since the childhood, vanadium industry got rapid progress, China has become the world's major powers in pangang vanadium, has become the important yield on the world vanadium enterprise. China vanadium technicians in the research, development, production and application of the innovative work and achieved a series of important achievements, say, China has can produce the world a kind of any of the existing vanadium products. But, in the popularization and application of the vanadium, though China has made a great progress, but and developed countries, and 41 than element niobium compared, we still have a large gap. That is, there are a lot of potential for the development of China's potential market, vanadium we still have a lot of work to do.

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