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Introduction of vanadium
Company profile

Our factory was prepared to establish in the year of 2003,and went into operation in February 2005, it is located in Nanyang,Henan province with area of 113400m2,the total investment capital reaches RMB120000000,the business range is R&D, manufacture and sales of high purity vanadium series products.We were one of the key projects stated by Government Nanyang city in 2007.
Our factory had a technical cooperation with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University, who is the State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing, specially according to the features of local vanadium mines,we set up our own system of production using rotary equipment and calcium vanadium roasting process, the main production processes and environmental facilities are all adopted DCS automatic control system.
We highly value the importance of environmental protection, at the beginning of  construction the project was carried out environmental impact assessment,it was approved by Henan Environmental Protection Agency,and it was passed by their environmental acceptance. So we own a complete cleaner production and circular economy industrial chain of vanadium products.
To ensure the continuous supply of raw materials, we got the vanadium ore mining rights from the government in 2005 by auction, the vanadium mine is 2.1 km long, proven ore reserves is about 300 million tons, with abundant reserves and high grade, and it is easy to exploit.
We specially produce high purity vanadium products, mainly products are vanadium metavanadate, vanadium pentoxide,the annual output of high purity vanadium pentoxide is 1000mt. Except AMV,V2O5,we are also producing sodium metavanadium,potassium metavanadium,vanadyl sulphate,vanadyl oxalate on make-to-order basis.
Main Usages
--------Energy Storage Materials: Making lithium batteries, new vanadium redox flow battery
 ------- Catalyst Industries: NOx reduction catalyst used in Power plants and car exhaust.
------- Special Alloy Industries: titanium, aerospace, magnetic, superconducting materials, nuclear industry etc.
--------The chemical industries used as catalyst in the production of  adipic acid, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, acrylic acid, EPDM rubber etc.
--------Electronics industries: high pressure mercury lamp and fluorescent material etc.
--------Pigment industry: bismuth vanadate, ceramic glaze etc.

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