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Introduction of vanadium
Introduction of vanadium

    Vanadium is an amazing metal, 1831 by the Swedish chemist Sefstrom found in iron ore, prices of its various oxidation states of the compounds have a beautiful color, colorful, so beautiful goddess of the Swedish Savannah Andean (Vanadies) named vanadium.    Vanadium chemical symbol V, the atomic number 23, atomic weight 50.942, a melting point of 1887 ° C, boiling point 3337 ° C.Classification are rare in metallurgy high melting point metal.
    Vanadium is a pure silver-white slightly blue, body-centered cubic structure.Vanadium in abundance in the earth's crust is about 0.02%, compared with copper, zinc, nickel, chromium are higher.However, there is a characteristic of vanadium metal, it is difficult to form independent deposits associated is very obvious, so very decentralized in nature, usually associated with other metals, such as: V-Ti magnetite.Therefore, not easy to separate the vanadium mining and metals refining.         
Vanadium has a ductility; contains oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, when the brittle, hard.Vanadium at higher temperatures and smaller non-metallic atomic weight to form a stable compound; at low temperatures with good corrosion resistance.Vanadium into the alloy after the alloy can enhance the strength, lower coefficient of thermal expansion.Currently a major source of vanadium is in Australia, South Africa, Russia and China, and to rely on the recovery of vanadium from oil residue and other countries.

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